Chemistry Department


Activities of the Dept


Department of Chemistry
Assam Engineering Institute

Introduction: Knowledge of basic science is essential for understanding technical subjects.So,Chemistry is a compulsory subject in the curriculum of engineering of all branches. It is taught in the first and second semester in the curriculum. Basics of chemistry and some topics of engineering chemistry are included in the syllabus.


A) Staff common room : The staff common room has the facilities of
  • Accommodation for all the faculties and staff members.
  • Attached toilets for both gents and ladies.
  • PC with internet connection.
  • Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Steel Almirah for every member.
  • Refrigerator
B) Laboratory : The laboratory has
  • Capacity for 32 students
  • LPG connection.
  • Gas burner in all seats.
  • Reagent racks in all seats.
  • Running water in all tables
  • Equipped with fire extinguisher
  • White board
  • Big demonstration table.
C) Store room
  • Sufficient stock of essential reagents.
  • Sufficient stock of common apparatus
  • Stock register maintained.
  • More space is desired.
D) Important assets and Instruments
  • One pc with internet.
  • Two laptop.
  • One refrigerator
  • Steel almirah-10 nos.
  • PC based spectrophotometer
  • One distilled water kit
  • Digital D.O meter
  • Digital turbidity meter
  • Digital balance
  • One colorimeter
  • LCD projector
  • Spectroquant colorimeter
  • Digital PH meter
  • One hot plate
  • One water deionizer
  • Magnetic stirrer