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To be a centre of excellence by providing education consistent with overall progress in Civil Engineering for the upliftment of the society.


  1. To independently supervise a multi disciplinary project.
  2. To impart updated knowledge about the modern approach in construction methodology.
  3. To instill ethical values in Civil Engineering practice and its socio cultural impact encompassing public utilities and services.
  4. To establish himself/herself as a proud citizen of the society in addition to technical competence.

The Civil Engineering Department was the first Department to be started when the Institute was first established on 16th of January, 1948. The Institute was then named the Assam Civil Engineering School, which was again changed to Assam Civil Engineering Institute in 1952. The present name of the Institute was given in 1956. The need of the State of Assam at that time was that of an Institution to train Assistant Engineers and Overseers to execute the heavy programmes of the post Second World War Development Plan like construction of roads, bridges, and buildings.

Student Intake:
The intake of the Department of Civil Engineering has varied over the years and was changed depending of the need of the times. Starting from the original intake of 30 students in the first batch of the Department, the intake has varied from 60 to 120 and the present intake of the Department stands at 90 students.

The Department of Civil Engineering had only one Lecturer at the time of inception, and at present, the Department has a Head of Department, two Senior Lecturers, seven Lecturers and three Senior Instructors. Almost all the faculties are Master Degree holders in various Civil Engineering fields like Structural Engineering, Watershed Management & Flood Control Engineering, Building Construction, and Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

Contact Us:
Civil Engineering Department
Assam Engineering Institute, Chandmari,
Guwahati-781003, Assam, India,

Our Programmes:

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering


  • Laboratories
  • Library
  • Computer Centre

Other Programmes:

  • Sponsored training Programmes
  • IRG through Consultancies


Diploma in Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering Department of Assam Engineering Institute has been producing Diploma engineers for more than fifty years. The demand for Civil Engineers in the North-Eastern region is increasing as a lot of infrastructure development projects are coming up in the region in recent times. With a well-qualified staff and a lot of new equipment in the modernized laboratories, the students have benefited by getting proper technical exposure. Further, the Department has provided and will continue to provide its services to society in general and industry in particular by providing right information and appropriate technology. The strides taken by the Department in recent years promise more benefits to the students, to the Institute, and to the State of Assam.

The library of the department is a house of many books related to Civil Engineering including reference books supplied by publishers. Our staffs as well as students are acquiring knowledge through the books belongs to our department.

Computer Center:
The Civil Engineering Department has a computer center of its own for carrying out the Drawing works in the field of Civil Engineering. It is maintained and administrated under the care and responsibility of the Head of the Department with the help of some faculty and staff members of the Department. The center is equipped with almost 30 numbers of computers and all of them are loaded with software related to Civil Engineering as well as antivirus software. This CAD center is accessible to the teachers and regular students of the department.

Other Programmes:
Besides the regular Diploma Courses, the other activities of the Department can be classified under two heads:

  1. Sponsored training Programmes
  2. IRG through Consultancies