An Academic Committee is hereby constituted with the following members of this Institute:

SI No. Name Designation Port folio
I. Sri A. C. Kalita Principal Chairman
2.           Mrs. Pallavi Choudhury HOD, ETC Engg. Member
3.           Mrs. Manisha Sarma HOD, Civil Engg Member
4.           Mrs. Plabita Borbora HOD, Computer Engg Member
5.           Mr. Gautam Barman HOD, Mechanical Engg Member
6.           Mrs. Dipanjali Gogoi HOD, Chemical Engg Member
7.           Dr. Mitali Chakravorty HOD, Electrical Engg. Member
8 Mr. Mandeep Barman Office Asstt. Member

Functions of Institute Academic Committee:

  • Observe the academic activities and act as a vital link between the student body and faculty at the Institute.
  • Stimulating Teaching-Learning environment that encourages Academic success, personal development and student satisfaction.
  • Recommendation regarding daily academic activities and healthy scheduling of the curriculum.
  • Ensures that the Institute rules and guidelines are strictly adhered to by the students.
  • Supports and enhances academic priorities.
  • Prescribe corrective measures where necessary.