Commencement of session : The academic session of the Polytechnics of Assam normally commences in the month of August/September.

Medium of instruction : The medium of instruction is English.


SI. No.1 Name of Item: Diploma Course(New rate)
Tuition Fees (per annum) 1000.00
Library Fees (per annum) 100.00
Student Fund : 1 Medical (per annum) 100.00
2 Games and Sports (per annum) 200.00
3 Magazine (per annum) 100.00
4 Student activity Fee (per annum) 150.00
Misc Fee : 1 Admission Fee (once) 20.00
2 Admission Fees Semester 20.00
3 Identity Card 20.00
4 Electricity and Water charges (per annum) 200.00
Total for Institute (per annum) 1930.00
Science-caution money (once) (refundable) 200.00
SI. No.2 Name of Item: Diploma Course (New rate for Hostel)
1 Enrolment Fee 30.00
2 Seat Rent (per annum) 360.00
3 Establishment Charges (per annum) 150.00
Total Hostel Fees 540.00
4 Electricity and Water Charges (as per meter reading)
5 Hostel caution money
6 Mess Advance 100.00 As per the rate fixed by the respective Institute

The new rates are subjected to revision. In addition hostel boarders have to pay the mess dues for the current month as fixed by the mess committee.